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Advising and transmitting through passion: training to re-establish the place of logistics in your project

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« I learned what I know by facing the reality in the field.  Project logistics is a mode of specific reflection which has its own rules, agreement with the knowledge of the main players and the specific resources of each operation, of each country.

The transmission of my knowledge and the sharing of my expertise allows me to optimize resources, avoid high-impact errors, thus preventing risks. »


Expert Transport Lifting
Director of Industrial Projects

Logistics make up about 20% of the total cost of an industrial project.


It applies to all the human and material elements of the project.

From human movement, equipment transportation as well as spatial planning, infrastructure, demobilization of resources and all related tangible and intangible asset flows (travel, catering, fuel, subcontracting/co-contracting, financial flows).

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From experience in the field to training.

Our profession is learned the hard way, the old way, faced with difficulty or by the side of an experienced professional.

This model is no longer applicable in the economy of current projects. We need to train productive players the moment they enter the company. The teams are overloaded and cannot allocate resources to the training of new employees while hoping for quick commercial profit.. .


Over the past 20 years I have learned while facing the challenges represented by every logistics project.

Today, faced by the difficulties of recruiting employees, I want to transmit my knowledge, my acquired expertise and facilitate the flow of knowledge of our profession. Helping industry make the right choices and enabling our businesses to develop their competiveness through logistics.


Since my early work as a handler in the military shipyards of Toulon until  becoming Expert transport lift handler within EDF Renewable, and then Director of Industrial Projects of Rhenus Logistics, I subscribed to continuous training, in order to be able to offer today a course aimed at training and ensuring transition with the new modes of management and work.

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I want to fill a gap in European industry by inculcating the values and subtleties of the logistics of exception, gigantic, heavy projects…
Skills development of employees, expert advice, project management, technical assistance.

Begrand responds to the needs of industrial companies in technical assistance and management of logistics projects, expertise in the transport of heavy parcels, training and skills development of employees.

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Training employees in the logistics of industrial projects / Developing the field of knowledge of modes of transport / Increasing the commercial efficiency of offers or requests.

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Business development consulting / Global logistics management of your projects / Technical and operational expertise / Logistics strategy.

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Search for suppliers /Customer representation / Audits / QHSE Document review / Logistics coordination